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18. November 2014 - Post category: App Store Optimization Basics

App Preview Video for your iOS App

Since the launch of iOS8 it is possible to also include preview videos to show a preview of your app. This option has been available in Google Play for a long time and now it was up to Apple to also enable this feature.

App Preview Video Advantages

The advantages of the preview video are quite obvious. You can show the functionality of your app (or game) and help your possible customers making decisions if your app is a fit for their needs. On the other hand it also kills a lot of „I will try it out“ traffic, if your app isn’t a perfect fit for the person watching the video.

Apple App Preview Video Guidelines

As you can imagine, Apple wants to generate a similar Look & Feel for all videos. Therefore they released some guidelines, which you should mind when creating a preview video.

  • 15-30 seconds length
  • Maximum file size of 500 mb
  • .mov, .m4v, .mp4 format
  • Only use screen capture
  • No (very less) copy – due to the reason that you can’t internationalize your video and only upload it once in one language
  • Don’t overlay animated hands, you can use touch hotspots if really necessary
  • For games: Show more gameplay scenes than cutscenes
  • You can use voice over – but mind the internationalization part – Apple recommends to only use a very limited and professional voice over if you have to
  • Your preview video should only contain content for which you have the full rights (don’t show you app streaming content from an iTunes Playlist or a YouTube video)

App Preview Video Format

Now the most important part – which format or size should your video have. As you have already read in my screenshot size article it can be quite frustrating creating a lot screenshots in different sizes.

Apple recommends you to use the following app preview resolutions (this is already a summary, that you have to create the least amount of different video versions):

iPhone 5+ iPhone 6 Plus: 1920 x 1080

iPhone 6: 1334 x 750

iPad: 1200 x 900

Apple Video Resolution Cheatsheet


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